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If you’re childless by circumstance, with those circumstances ranging from infertility through to all kinds of situations such as your partner not wanting (more) children, a chronic illness, not being able to find a partner (what is now known as ‘social infertility’), not being able to afford having a baby ‘on your own’ (and not being all that keen about being a solo mother either), thinking you didn’t want children and then realising you did, your relationship breaking down during fertility treatments or perhaps one of at least Or perhaps you’re still hopeful of becoming a mother but the needle on your fertility clock has been in the red for a while and things are looking scarily like you too are going to ‘end up’ as ‘one of those freakish, twisted, bitter women without children’…(we’re not like that, that’s Snow White and Cruella de Vil you’re thinking of)Read the blogs and articles on subjects close to our heart – from coping with the changing nature of your friendships, dealing with Christmas, the daft ‘advice’ people give us, being lumbered with all the weekend shifts at work, worrying about getting old without children and dealing with &*%ing baby showers, etc.A supportive, intelligent, friendly, compassionate, private online community of women like us from all over the world who ‘get’ what it’s like to be a childless woman in our motherhood-obsessed world.As one of our members described it: If you’re feeling isolated and the ‘odd one out’ joining this Community will be the beginning of a new outlook as well as new online and offline friends.Memberships have to be approved by Gateway Women before they are accepted so you’ll find that they are safe, friendly and private.Individual gatherings are member-organised so if there isn’t something happening in a town or city near you, as a member you can suggest and host one.My Tinder photos generally concealed my chair, since I knew it might leave me vulnerable to ignorant comments.And honestly, I preferred not to mention my disability or make it obvious from the start, because to me and those who know me well, it’s largely inconsequential to who I am.

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” “So I assume you’re not looking to fuck.” After about 10 more comments like that, I took down the photos of me in my chair.

Don’t worry, I won’t share your details or take over your in-box – I can’t stand it when people do that to me and frankly until the cat learns to type I simply don’t have the time!

Now in its 5th year, the Reignite Weekend has proved to be a turning point in the lives of hundreds of childless-not-by-choice women.

It’s a healing and nourishing weekend specifically created to support you as you move towards a meaningful and fulfilling future without children.

Taking place in a funky central Brighton art gallery, this Reignite Weekend is facilitated by Gen Smyth, who has been personally training by Gateway Women Founder, Jody Day. Now in its 5th year, the Reignite Weekend has proved to be a turning point in the lives of hundreds of childless-not-by-choice women.

It seems that the media is still stuck on shaming, untrue and unhelpful stereotypes such as the ‘selfish’ childfree women and ‘foolish’ childless ones.

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