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Reply-to: Not all sponsors love parents that have bastards babies.There is no excuse for having a child out of wedlock.And Tony is with Pornelope that got HIV from Charlie (less than six degrees of separation).Tony just disappointed that he wasn't with Charlie directly.... but he was when he was on the sitcom with Charlie and he now has Charlie's leftover.Comments you post may require a paid membership to delete.

No factual denials for Tony's actions since there are no facts that can be denied of what he's done such as leaving Max in the car to the point of Max with major permanent damage and he did run over someone and run two others off of a road.If I was going to come do Indianapolis again, I don't want to just show up for the month of May. Tony was born as Anthony Wayne Stewart on May 20, 1971, in Columbus, Indiana. His father is still single but his mother got married when he was in school.If I'm going to do it I need to start at Homestead and run all the races leading up to the month of May to really feel like that I'm being fair to the team and being fair to myself and have enough time in the car. His nationality is American and ethnicity is North American. Tony is an American by nationality and is of North American ethnicity.He wasn't able to kill anyone this year so he needs to go where he can get his quota for the year next year.Hope Nascar doesn't allow that and with his volatile temper he would kill as soon as possible to get attention.He apologized to Kevin’s family and said, “I know 100 percent in my heart and in my mind that I did not do anything wrong.

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