Validating registration forms using javascript


The user should select an option other than this ‘Select One’ item.

This tutorial will build on the previous PHP form tutorial, introduce some more concepts of PHP form processing, HTML forms and form validation, and instead of saving data to a text file, we will save data to a My SQL database.

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Basically what is happening here is that for whatever option the user has already selected, we want to put a selected=”selected” property in that option box.For this example, we’re going to assume that a table called ‘movieformdata’ already exists with 3 columns: ‘moviename’, ‘yourname’, and ‘Gender’, and we’re going to assume that moviename and yourname fields can store at least 50 characters, and Gender can store at least 1 character.Hopefully you are familiar with SQL and you recognize this “insert” statement: function connects to the My SQL server.This way, if there are multiple errors, correcting them will be easier for the user.One other missing piece is that, as before, we want to preserve the user’s choice in the select box, just in case there’s a validation error in one of the other fields.-: See Also:- j Query login Form /* Below line is used for online Google font */ @import url(

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