Validating identity wireless


However, first-generation Motorola Android phones that have recently been updated (2.2.1) may experience difficulties when attempting to connect to IU Secure.

UITS recommends that you specify a certificate authority (CA) certificate for IU Secure connections to provide an additional layer of security to your wireless device; for help, see Validating the connection below.

your card does not support wpa2 if i am reading your dropdown list correctly on your card.

Check Specify Authentication mode and choose User Authentication.

Click OK to close Middlebury College Wireless Network properties.

Write back your results so I know if you got it fixed.

Absolutely right about the pics, it's just that without Internet the camera is far easier than snipping, editing, transferring to USB and carting across the house.

It also re-enables 802.1x in the Authentication tab if I've deselected it with WPA-PSK. I have no idea how I blundered into getting this working in the past. Yes -- I think that's covered in the first image up top, which is a screenshot of my router settings.

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