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You also have the option of setting different CSS profiles, specifying the medium that the style sheet was created for, and controlling how much information the report should display.Feed Feed Validator will first make sure that the feed you pass it is valid, and then go through your most recent entries and give you a summary of problems, highlighting the actual lines where the problems exist.If you're not sure what an RSS feed is, see "What is RSS? Your feed must be valid in order for Bloglovin to find your blog.You can use this feed validator to see if the RSS feed is valid or not.If you’re going to check your markup, it may as well be with the people who decree what The W3C also offer a CSS validation tool, which will also check your markup for any potential errors and warnings.We’ve gathered up a mixture of 14 tools — both online tools and some Firefox extensions — so you can find the one that best suits your needs.CSS Validator: Adds an easy-to-use link to the W3C CSS validator that you can access via a right-click context menu or from under the Tools menu.

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cz: Relaxed does not use the official W3C specifications for validation, but instead uses some of its own to check out your document.

There’s nothing worse than Googling for what seems like hours for a what should be a simple answer to a simple problem.

It happened to me today, so I hope this helps others from the same needless fate.

Firebug: Firebug is a full-featured debugger and editor that allows you to work with a page’s HTML, Java Script, CSS, DOM and more.

You can also use the extension to monitor Java Script, CSS, and XML in real time, look for errors that may be occurring in them, and learn what you need to do to repair them.

Page Validator: Either by opening the right-click context menu, or going up to tools and selecting “Validate Page”, Page Validator opens a separate tab and shows you the results using the the W3C’s online validation tool.

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