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Your mutual Facebook friends and interests are also shown, in case you thought it was shallow like. Unless you start getting no matches, then, by all means, spread the love more liberally (and re-evaluate some life choices). Once you pick your preferences, the app will find people nearby on Tinder and ask you if you’re up for chatting. Rejection is kept to a minimum as you never know if someone ‘lefted’ you– you’re only connected if you both ‘like’ each other.It also monitors all conversations that take place on the app, and if a guy or girl is harassing you, it will kick them off. Bumble gives women the opportunity to start the conversation and is changing the old expectation that women need to wait around for men to make the first move.Bumble is the safer, more reliable, genuine option for online dating. This change also takes the pressure off of guys because they know they don't have to be the ones to initiate the conversation.Sprinters are only involved for a week and are paid for their work, then pass the responsibility on to a friend in a different city to do it next. Being a Sprinter is a great way for college students to make easy money through a short-term commitment to a new, young, fun company.

Bumble scans for fake profiles, so you don’t have to worry about creepers.

She says, "I love Bumble because it's so much more than a dating app.

It's changing the culture of dating completely by reworking the idea that women shouldn't make the first move. We can do what we want without feeling insecure or embarrassed that making the first move is strange, because it's not. The lifestyle that Bumble has created is translating into real life situations making Bumble not just an app, but a movement." Bumble also has a new program called Bumble Sprints, which allows for college students to get involved with Bumble while making quick cash.

But unlike Tinder, Bumble puts the power in the woman’s hands to make the first move so you won’t get any unwanted sexual responses from weird guys.

If you don’t say something to a new connection within 24 hours, that connection disappears.

The relatively new dating app has been downloading its way across Irish college campuses, and now sees 350m swipes a day worldwide with Ireland having one of the highest adoption rates of all countries it was launched in. You download the app, link it to your Facebook profile (nobody on Facebook will know, phew) and your face is there for all to judge.

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