Updating xbox media center


That's all that is needed so turn your xbox off turn it back on again and it will boot up to the current xbmc build.If it didn't take then what i do is delete all the files inside of E/Dashboard and then transfer all the files from the build folder into E/Dashboard.

When it gives you the option to overwrite the files in E/Dashboard click OK.

So that is what i will share with you all here, How to make your xbox media center boot the most current build of xbmc without any cheats or shortcuts or silly workarounds.

Other reasons you would want to do this upgrade is so your xbox would play more file formats. ***Important note, if you do not have a back up of your xbox then do so now.

So if you are looking for an excuse to buy Microsoft's new console (and there may still be some out there to buy) and you have a HTPC, this might help get everything set up.

Obviously this only pertains to the xbox version of xbmc as any version of xbmc you would obtain for windows, linux, or mac would already be new and current.

Now the skins are the biggest change to the xbmc system.

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