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The workflow can be controlled to ensure important information is reviewed by administrators, managers, legal, or compliance before being published to the site.

Targeted Visitor Content - The content organization is separate from the design aspects of a website.

Please read these terms carefully before using this Website.Ease of use - There is no coding skills necessary in running a CMS tool.Updates can be applied faster and by a number of different non-technical users.Global updates and changes - CMS makes it easy to change an element to reflect across the entire website without having to manually edit each page.For elements that update often, such as contact information, logos or images, these can be quickly polished to reflect a business's goal.In these terms and conditions:-“Conditions” means these terms and conditions of use;“Designated Users” means the individuals who have obtained from you Passwords to access the Website;“our”, “us”, “we” means Proteus Marketing Communications Limited whose primary place of business is; King William House, 13 Queen Square, Bristol BS1 4NTRegistered in England no. 543478134“Passwords” means any licence names or licence codes given to you and / or any user names or passwords created by you;“you” and “your” means the organisation and/or person who agrees to use this site in accordance with the Conditions including all Designated Users; “Website” means the entire contents of this website operating under the domain name

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