Updating limewire Free private chats with no credits


I also like that you can set what folders you want scanned instead of some programs that just does a can of your entire harddrive. A 40gb and then a 400gb and don't need every folder to be scanned. Also although this program has a low cpu and memory footprint, it does have about 5 processes running in the background.

So I like I can choose which folders not to be scanned. So it is really a robust system for a free edition. Again yes this program doesn't use up alot of resources I still don't like that many processes from one program running in the background.

It does not suck the life out of a PC, nor does it delay startup by a half hour with no way to stop the AV process's scanning memory, boot sectors and the like. I have it installed on the 3 kids PC's plus my wifes. I don't like the code updates as they pop up annoying messages but for free, this really is a good product.

However if you know of a good piece of software that's not listed, please let me know so I can test it. If your software made it to this list, congratulations. If you know where to look - there is no reason to "buy" software. Color Cop: Sample color - programs like firefox have color samplers, but you're limited to that program; with this you can select anything on your screen.

The pros is that it does have a low footprint even when scanning. Also the system overall memory only shot up to about 400mb compared to AVG which would sometimes shoot up to over 500mb with the same settings and while I firefox is up with 3 tabs and one of the sites being flash heavy.

I also like the real time virus check that avast offers.

Can check your email, P2P clients like Utorrent or limewire while you are downloading. Ofcourse you can remedy the what each section of the UI does just by having the mouse cursor hover over it for a second and let the actions of that particular section pop up and inform you what its function is. Plus when the rotating avant 4 icon in your quick launch doesn't control the actuall Avant 4 virus scanner.

It also checks your network connections, Instant Messages, webmail and internet browsing. You have to go to the start menu or click on the desktop icon to access that.

So if you already have realtime anti viral/spyware program either plugged into your browser or a antispyware that does this feature then you may want to disable their fuction as to save your self a little bit more ram since Avast is capable of doing this for you. Too me it finds about as much as what AVG 7.5 will find, has a lot of features and way more pluses then a few minor minuses.

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