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How do I edit a dataset from a gridview and then iterate through the updated dataset? Net 2.0/VB/Visual Web Developer 2005) I've got an editable gridview bound to a dataset. When it is clicked, I want it to submit the data in the gridview back into the bound dataset, and then i want to iterate through the records in the dataset. Updating Data Set object with a Grid View I'm trying to update a Data Set object with a Grid View. We have a 3-tier architecture with strict boundaries. This means that communication between UI components and Business components is done by means of a Data Set.

There are several examples of updating data using the ASP. So we bind the Data Set object directly to the Dat... Imagine by business logic layer methods :public Customer DS get Customer By Name(string cust Name) public void write Customer(Customer DS customer)public void write Customer Row(Customer DS. Update datasource w/dataset question hi, i'm working on an app that uses a dataset who's tables are filled with some hybrid SELECT queries, meaning, the tables in the dataset are hybrids of mixed data from the datasource (SQL Server btw), or better, no single table in the dataset is a modeled copy of a table in the datasource. Grid View Update w/ Object Data Source: Getting a reference to updating object? Hello, to set the Style - Attribute of my custom controls tag in source view from within its designer i use now the following code: Behavior. I tried hard to use one of the Data Source objects to update a Data Set, but was not able to do this. Let me set the scene : I have a Customer typed Dataset "Customer DS", containg a Customer table and therefore a Customer Row object. As a consequence, we cannot use the Data Source Object Model. I planned to use Typed datasets for by business entities to pass around between layers of my app but I can't easily get the udpate to work directly with a dataset. Any code samples/documentation/references would be appreciated! This also means we cannot access the database from our presentation layer. According to the API documentation, linked update applications in Unwired Accelerator are represented in . This transaction object has a "Save" method with one parameter (boolean) to indicate wether the transaction is committed (ready to be sent to the server). I set this parameter to "true", but when I sync, the update is not uploaded to the consolidated database. Object Datasource Udpates with Typed Datasets Hello, Like many people I'm struggling with getting the Object Datsource update to work in a reasonable manner.Upon clicking Submit, the changes should get written back to the database (SQL Server2000). Text contains the updated value but it will not update in the dataset, although the datarow's rowstate property is set to "modified". private void btn Submit_Click(object sender, System. They suggest that you add enough p...update datasource object from dropdownlist in Gridview I have a dropdownlist in a templatefield of a gridview. I then would like the data Source (tbl Property) to be updated by data Set51 with the new data. try { string str Case Number = txt Get CMSCase Number. Facebook Updating Software Development Kit For Apple IOS 6 To Reflect Integration With Facebook integration officially coming to Appleā€™s i OS 6 mobile operating system for its i Phone and i Pad tablet, what new features are in ...

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