Updating blackberry 8310 os

While not as positive as other Black Berry phones, the reviews of the Curve 8900 were mostly positive with praise for the improvements made over previous models but was criticized for the lack of 3G and a relatively slow processor.The 8900 was also praised for its new, stylish and confident look.

The 9370 is a CDMA/GSM World Edition, the 9360 is a 3G GSM/HSPA variant, and the 9350 is a CDMA only variant. The Curve brand continued the "consumer-oriented" philosophy of the Black Berry Pearl and 8800 series, including multimedia features and a built-in camera.As is customary for Black Berry devices, the 8300 series consists of several models offered by different wireless providers, supporting that provider's network along with specific services.The Curve 9380, announced in November 2011, is the first Curve with a touchscreen instead of a physical keyboard.The phone is an entry-level counterpart to the Torch 9860, which is similarly an all-touchscreen phone without physical keyboard.The 9370 has more e MMC memory than its siblings at 1 GB as compared to 512 MB.

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