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The amount of people claiming they are gay or bisexual as compared to those who have actually engaged in such sexual acts is not the same.A recent show I watched called “the science of sex” (or something like that) - on the history channel, or maybe it was the national geographic channel - had some firm numbers from a large nationwide study that was done at the same university in Indiana that the original Kinsey sexual study was done.The article also presented info that in Thailand the transgender community is widely open, they are commonly known as ladyboys, and they do not hide from the world around them, they work openly just about everywhere and are even in soap operas on television.

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It mentions that parts of Indonesia are seeing an increase in attacks on crossdressers from Muslim hard liners.Well I guess I got off on a few tangents, I also wanted to mention that there are some T-girls doing live shows at our partner site, erotic nude cams - tranny webcams live - and of course you will find many more at the portals linked from the banners near the top of this page as well.There are not as many Asian ladyboys with Cam Sex Video Chat, but there are some really hot T-girls who get live and sexual on cam there!After reading the information presented by our commenter and the associated wikipedia article quoted above, I guess these language issues never came up, we did not call each other “straight boy” or “shemale”, we knew each other by our names.I am glad to have learned that some in the community are sensitive to certain words, and I hope that the world will change to give a better understood way of describing transgender men and women.So there are not too many T-girls in the world, and some parts of the worlds make it very difficult to live as such, even for those who are not confused about it.

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