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When I began teacher training at Coorparoo State School in 1965, the Queensland education system ran like a well-oiled machine.Since then, too many well-meaning but misguided experts have brought in silly changes, often copying discarded American ideas, which teachers had to incorporate, whether they liked the new ideas or not.

Our failed system has for decades been propped up by spending billions of dollars that should not need spending, by endless propaganda, by bullying and belittling members of the public who question its approaches and results, by denying anything's wrong, by intimidating teachers, by government slogans and by dumping every fad, pointless innovation or ill-fated attempt to deal with system-caused problems on to teachers.Kudos to all the teachers out there, you deserve the pay and the holidays, particularly when everyone is intent on dumbing everything down so the children 'succeed' ....(expectations are lowered so students appear to achieve everything) and you'll be the meat they chew on because teachers are not teaching any more.It is very cruel to suggest that the program (described in the article below) is needed, when the truth is the university system is churning through hundreds of students, who work like dogs for four years, studying and working to get a double degree to be a teacher ... Despite what you hear in the media, there is a glut of qualified teachers who are either not working in the industry, or are unemployed / underemployed. The ATAR needs to be raised so that fewer people are being admitted to education degrees.Teachers plan their curricula on Syllabi provided to them and work under strict guidelines from administrators higher up in the education system.

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