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There are plenty of opportunities to partake in fun activities and visit scenic natural sites.

It will definitely be a destination that you will enjoy and recommend to fellow travelers.

I attended undergrad at the University of Wisconsin, received an MBA from Kellogg School of Management with a focus on strategy and marketing, and an MEM from Mc Cormick Engineering school in Design and Innovation with a focus on human-centered design. @rrhoover I'd love to expand that a bit too, and think of U.

S and Asia, and possibly think of Asia as three buckets: 1.) Developed - Japan, South Korea etc. and 3.) China (Cos it is so unique)@rrhoover in Taiwan and Asia broadly people are mobile first/only in a way the US still can't quite comprehend, particularly tech folks who work on PCs all day.

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I am based in Taipei, Taiwan, and am fully supported by my work at Stratechery.

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