Step 55 validating and copying link data

FAL_CLIENT and FAL_SERVER only need to be defined in the initialization parameter file for the standby database(s).

It is possible; however, to define these two parameters in the initialization parameter for the primary database server to ease the amount of work that would need to be performed if the primary database were required to transition its role.

Data Guard can be used in combination with other Oracle High Availability (HA) solutions such as Real Application Clusters (RAC), Oracle Flashback , Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), and new database options for Oracle Database 11g that include Oracle Active Data Guard and Oracle Advanced Compression, to provide a high level of data protection, A failover is done when the primary database (all instances of an Oracle RAC primary database) fails or has become unreachable and one of the standby databases is transitioned to take over the primary role.

Failover should be performed when the primary database cannot be recovered in a timely manner.

The STM32F030x4/x6/x8/x C microcontrollers include devices in four different packages ranging from 20 pins to 64 pins.

The DBA will configure log transport services to balance data protection and availability against database performance.Log transport services will also coordinate with log apply services and role management services for switchover and failover operations.Data Guard Broker is the management and monitoring component with which you configure, control, and monitor a fault tolerant system consisting of a primary database protected by one or more standby database.Prior to Oracle 11g, Redo Apply only worked with the standby database in the MOUNT state, preventing queries against the physical standby whilst media recovery was in progress. On Logical Standby, you can query it while simultaneously applying transactions from the primary.This is ideal for business that requires a near real-time copy of your production DB for reporting.FAL_SERVER specifies the FAL (fetch archive log) server for a standby database.

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