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Other breweries and microbreweries have also arisen since then, such as Les Brasseurs RJ, La Barberie, Le Maître Brasseur (Laval), Hopfenstark (L'Assomption), La Gueule de bois (Saguenay), Brasseur et Frères, Brasserie du Ham, À la fût (Brewpub in St-Tite), Le trou du Diable (Brewpub in Shawinigan), and Belgh'Brasse.

In March 2008, Quebec had some 59 active breweries producing some 402 different beers.

Generally, the beers brewed in Quebec differ from those in the rest of North America because of the relative importance of the French and Belgian traditions alongside that of Great Britain.

This started the phenomenon of brewpubs in Quebec, shortly after British Columbia.

On July 1, 1986, the Golden Lion Brewing Company served its first pint of beer at the Golden Lion Pub in Lennoxville.

O'Keefe, from Toronto, Ontario, established itself in Montreal by the purchase of some 20 breweries including Molson's main competitors in Quebec, Dawes and Dow.

Labatt, founded in London, Ontario in 1847, established itself in La Salle, Quebec in 1952.

On the otherhand, I am not anywhere close to such experts as Stephen Beaumont or Joshua M.

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