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Every one gets a sheet where you write down the other persons name and then tick yes, no or friend.

At the end of the session you hand this in and then the next day you matches are published on the website.

Good luck 😉 I've been to a couple of Rob's events now and they are the best on offer if you want to do something completely different in london.

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There were quite a few good-looking girls at both the events I attended and everyone I met was friendly and talkative, which makes for a fun night regardless of the outcome!The host made was really friend and made sure everyone felt welcome.The event was well organized and the venue was lovely. I recommend anyone who is looking to get out of their comfort zone and to meet new people just to build up thier confident this is a great way to get started.I've been to a handful of Dateina Dash events now and have always had a good time.It's very relaxed and great to speak to such a variety of people. I got a drink at the bar downstairs and waited until the 8pm start time.I didn't get any matches but I had a fun evening.

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