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On, people post naked pictures of former spouses or lovers—mostly women, some men—along with their names, ages, and home towns.

They add cruel captions: “My slut wife”; “Chubby frigid slut.” Posts about men frequently suggest that their penis is too small.

He was a business student at a local college, and Norma, who is soft-spoken, liked that he was outgoing.

He was her first boyfriend, and they dated for two years.

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Her hair is long and wavy; her nails are always painted; she wears oversized designer glasses, five-inch heels, color-block minidresses, and sharply cut trenchcoats. They don’t have that fierceness that Carrie has.”In 2014, Mary Anne Franks, a University of Miami law professor who has advocated for revenge-porn laws, was attracting online critics who repeatedly attacked her with obscenities.

morning in March, in a courtroom in Newark, New Jersey, a young woman named Norma attended the sentencing of a former boyfriend, who had gone to grotesque lengths to humiliate her online.

Four years earlier, when she was seventeen, she had met Christopher Morcos, who was then nineteen, at a Starbucks near her home, in Nutley.

In April, Marina Lonina, an eighteen-year-old Ohio woman, was charged with live-streaming, on the Periscope app, the rape of a seventeen-year-old friend by a man they’d met at a nearby mall.

Lonina and her lawyer said that she was trying to gather evidence by filming it.

Other states with nonconsensual-porn laws have had just one or two cases make it to court.

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