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It should be noted that PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) must always be considered as the last line of defence.Once an arc flash hazard study has been undertaken by Premium Power at your request, arc flash labels in agreement with you can be generated for all locations that labels are required on your electrical distribution network.

The injuries can range from burns, blindness, hearing loss, impact injury, psychological trauma, and even death.

Industrial Electrical Safety Procedures are risk controls developed to mitigate any electrical hazards identified during the risk assessment process.

The risk assessment process informs the safety procedures.

For clients within the European Union (EU), labels are designed to comply with requirements of Directive 92/58/EE: Safety &/or Health Signs.

Arc flash labels are typically designed to provide critical information to the client and other interested or affected personnel who may be working on parts of the network.

The temperatures inside an Arc Flash incident can reach 19,000°C (sun’s surface temperature is 6000°C) causing conductors especially copper to vaporise.

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