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""You have read the book so you know how worthless it is.Anyway, while Dalida Barakat has been wasting our time, I've been doing some digging and found out that one of Queen Hatshepsut's secret lairs is beneath one of the houses in this very town!

NOTE: In this next area, all the doors will have colored tiles on the floor in front of them.I'll bet it opens up the servant's quarters for the Queen. I'd like you to enter the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, explore the Servant's Quaters, and bring back and clues you find there to me." Zoom out to find the tomb and then visit it. This is the room with the nice furnishings and is not the right room.On the left side of the building as you look up the stairs you'll find a tiny doorway with a small set of stairs leading into the first floor of the temple. Go down the next stairs and at the bottom, go around the stairs to find a hall with six bedrooms connected. Your previous efforts haven't helped him much but I have another idea.At the bottom of the stairs, go through the door with the red tiles. Head back to the stairs hallway and go through the green tiled door.Go around to the right and go through the door at the end of the hall. Step on the standing tile behind this door and then head back to the previous room. At the end of the next hall there may be treasure behind the door to the right (red). Go through the door at the end of the next hall (blue). Behind the door on the right is a chest and the door in front will lead to another room with doors. Right in front of you is a blue door and there a red door around the corner.The first room on the right has a chest, the second room on the left has a hole in the wall, and both rooms on the end have false walls. Deliver the Relic "Hmm, this isn't decisive proof yet but I will keep this relic and see what other secrets it holds. Perhaps you can use some of the foreign charm and tell at least 5 locals about Ameen Moussa and how they are so very awesome.

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