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At best, an offender could expect a sharp retort; at worst - if a man - a sock in the jaw.Today, however, the bounds of acceptable behaviour have been blurred and fractured, particularly on television.Viewers at home might well wonder whether a bunch of comics and musicians offering semi-serious exhortations “not to do” drugs will have any sway - and how UK addiction stands in the hierarchy of urgent giving needs compared, say, to starving Africans.

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But how would it be if, in future, more guests had the courage calmly to make their hosts look small?

Brand's head, which with its floating ringlets always seemed pre-fashioned for the guillotine, has rolled.

So has that of the Radio 2 controller, Lesley Douglas.

Ordinary people tend to appear on comedy shows as willing stooges, grinning at their own humiliation: far worse than seeming a fool, it appears, is the terror of seeming without a sense of humour.

This phenomenon has extended to public figures such as David Cameron or Gwyneth Paltrow, who are expected to "play along" with a chat-show host such as Ross when he initiates crassly sexual lines of questioning.

It was certainly in bad taste, but it was also misogynistic in an ancient way.

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