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Rowbotham was born in Manchester, where Robert Owen had once run a cotton mill.

Manchester remembered Owen for his management skill, benevolent policies, and improvements in cotton spinning machinery, so when he began preaching socialism, Owen found a ready following there.

You can pick up the self-care information fact sheets from reception, dispensary and the North Brink Pharmacy.

rouble brewed in Paradise, and 21-year-old Samuel Birley Rowbotham faced the challenge pistol in hand.

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Founded in 1838, the colony was supposed to exemplify the New Moral World envisioned by Robert Owen, England’s leading socialist.

The canal runs perfectly straight and unobstructed from Welche’s Dam northeast to Welney Bridge, a distance of about six miles.

In their spare time, Secretary Rowbotham and some like-minded colonists performed experiments on this stretch of the canal to determine the curvature of the waters. Armed with this experimental evidence and a long list of scriptures, Rowbotham had attempted to impose upon the colony the doctrine that the earth is flat. The Fens district of England lies south of the Wash, a silted-up bay of the North Sea.

The practice is supporting the CCG (NHS England) to promote good practice with self-care and the prescribing of Over The Counter medicines from local pharmacies.

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Rowbotham got the job, and the two began organizing the community.

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