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Certain disorders that make sex painful can lead women to associate a roll in the hay with pain rather than pleasure, for example.But among college women, the most common are fatigue, alcohol, medications (antidepressants are a common libido killer), and stress.I am considering getting an IUD, but I know that it can be painful to insert, and it is also expensive.

The truth is, there is a myriad of factors that affect your sex drive: stress, hormonal fluctuations, and losing that “spark” in a long-term relationship are just a few of the common culprits.Whenever we were around each other, I was happy and comfortable, but I didn't feel horny.” Sarah’s not alone, but she recognizes that her lack of sex drive has started to affect her relationship and her happiness.“This feeling has continued for a couple of years,” she says.According to, “The body interprets ongoing stress as life threatening, so naturally, survival is prioritized ahead of pleasure.Stress over-burdens the adrenal glands, ‘stealing’ the substances normally used to make estrogens and testosterone, both vital to desire and sexual response.” Hormonal changes could also be the problem.“Some women are inhibited in their sexual desire as a result of strong cultural messages that ‘good girls’ don't want sex (or shouldn't want sex or shouldn't show they want sex),” says Kathy Brock,licensed psychologist and the Assistant Director of Mental Health Services at Washington University in St.

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