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If the file 'is PDF (PDF form here) the macro opens the file, reads specific fields the file 'and writes the values in the sheet Read.Dim str Forms Folder As String Dim str Field Names(1 To 7) As String Dim obj FSO As Object Dim obj Source Folder As Object Dim obj File Item As Object Dim j As Integer Dim Last Row As Long Dim obj Acro App As Object Dim obj Acro AVDoc As Object Dim obj Acro PDDoc As Object Dim obj JSO As Object Dim str PDFOut Path As String str Field Names(1) = "First Name" str Field Names(2) = "Last Name" str Field Names(3) = "City" str Field Names(4) = "Country" str Field Names(5) = "E-mail" str Field Names(6) = "Type Of Registration" str Field Names(7) = "Previous Attendee" On Error Resume Next Set obj JSO = Nothing Set obj Acro PDDoc = Nothing Set obj Acro AVDoc = Nothing Set obj Acro App = Nothing Set obj File Item = Nothing Set obj Source Folder = Nothing Set obj FSO = Nothing Exit Sub End If Next j The field names will be shown (highlighted in black color), so you can edit them according to your needs. Communication: e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Linkedin. I can copy the whole range all together and paste it in a slide, but it's much too much text for one lslide.I would like a smart way to copy the 7 header rows and append the filtered data 3 rows at a time into slides for as many rows are in the filtered data. I need help figuring out how to copy the filtered data in sections and paste it, or rather copy it all and paste it in sections -- whichever is easiest.hi guys, (Note: excel for Mac, so VBA not really an option) I have data where the fourth field is in multiple columns, and I need it in multiple rows: e.g.masks 1954 producta productb productc coats 1543 productd shoes 1234 hats 9876 producta productf productg productz productd and I need it in the format: masks 1954 producta masks 1954 productb masks 1954 productc coats 1543 productd shoes 1234 hats 9876 producta hats 9876 productf hats 9876 productg hats 9876 productz hats 9876 productd in other words the fourth field (products) is in multiple columns, and I need the fourth field only transposed to multiple rows, and the other fields repeated.

'-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'This macro opens a PDF form, loops through all of its fields and prints their names 'in the immediate window of VBA editor (in order to be further processed).

I am not at work so I am not able to post the code I currently have.

If I get it to work, I will send you the macro and PPT template.

The First Name and Last Name column in each row are combined to create the name of the PDF file.

On the other hand, the macro loops through all the files in the specified folder (Forms).

macro uses the data in sheet Write to fill the Test Form, which is located in the same folder with the sample workbook.

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