Rules of successful dating


The chances that a lady like that truly exists are REALLY low.And even if she exists there is no guarantee that she will like you and fall in love with you.This article is a full version of her advice published in the article “ Greetings from the International award winning matchmaking company My name is Svetlana Mukha and I would like to highlight the crucial rules of international dating.

A gentleman can filter and filter the profiles for months hoping to finally find “” that will match all these criteria.

You find out that she learns French and dreams to visit Paris.

For the next date she invites you to go ice-skating and you hold her hand for the first time.

You don’t know that, but now you have her phone number. During the first date you find out that she works in a computer company, loves sushi and ice-skating.

The evening goes really well and you ask her out again.

You really like her and the chemistry between you is growing rapidly.

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