Rory gilmore girls sex storys

After several months abroad, she returns to Stars Hollow to become more intimate with Lorelai than ever before.

In the process, Rory is swept up into the beautifully wicked world of Lovelore and the Creatures of Affection.

), but unless they secretly slept together, he's not the father.

We're in an emotional tailspin after watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, and we need answers.

Since it was only intended to be a one-time thing, Netflix hasn't ordered a second season and we're afraid we'll never know — seriously, if you haven't heard the final four words, stop reading immediately — who the father of Rory's baby is.

Pros: Charismatic, handsome, and talented, Logan epitomizes the rich playboy of the Northeastern upper class set that Rory encounters as a part of her life with her grandparents.

He helps Rory to open up and have fun, introducing her to undergrad life and secret societies at Yale.

How would this impact the events that happen in the revival? Logan looked at her sadly, his face expressing his disappointment in her response, “Yeah, it does…Goodbye Rory”. Chris and Lorelai are still married, and Lorelai is certainly not Logan's biggest fan. They've loved each other since college but oy with the hang-ups. (LL, season 2 AU) Two years after "A Year in the Life" Jess comes back to Stars Hollow for a few days to catch up with Luke.

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