Rob kearney dating


And while Jess was unforthcoming about Rob, she did reveal that she was ‘delighted’ to try her hand at modelling.

And as we can see from these photos, she’s a natural!

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“It's one of the only sports where you will be competing against someone and cheering them on at the same time,” he continued.The Willville man had previously dated English actress Susie Amy for three years before they split in 2012.Rob’s younger brother Dave also recently split with his girlfriend of two years, model Hayley Ryan.Rugby star Rob Kearney has said he went on a “detective rampage” to track down the people who created a parody Twitter account about him and his brother Dave being boring.The ‘Boringkearney’ parody Twitter account was set up five years ago and sends hilariously bland tweets about washing lines and feeding cats under the guise of brothers Rob and Dave Kearney. I started playing professional rugby when I was 18 and I was just out of boarding school so it was a massive change for me coming up to Dublin and having my own free time and going out on the weekends.So I was like, ‘Brilliant, if they’re telling people I’m in bed at 9pm then great’. But proving he is a good sport, the Co Louth native said he likes the parody account now and has given it his seal of approval. I love it now and I laugh at it but at the start, I didn’t love it and I didn’t laugh.” Rob was speaking at the launch of Gillette’s partnership with the 2017 British and Irish Lions Tour to New Zealand.

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