Proximity dating device


It may take more than 5 meters to fire an event, for instance.

Determines the minimum time interval, in milliseconds, that the sensor will try to use for sending out location updates.

In this case, the sensor usually reports its maximum range value in the far state and a lesser value in the near state.

Information items can be exchanged between user devices worn or carried by two different users in response to the devices detecting a "greeting event" in which the devices are in proximity and the users of the devices concurrently execute a greeting gesture.

A sensor component that can measure the proximity of an object (in cm) relative to the view screen of a device.

This sensor is typically used to determine whether a handset is being held up to a persons ear; i.e.

Non-visible component that provides the instant in time using the internal clock on the phone.

Des objets d'information peuvent être échangés entre des dispositifs d'utilisateurs portés par deux utilisateurs différents en réponse à la détection par les dispositifs d'un "événement de salut" dans lequel les dispositifs sont proches et les utilisateurs des dispositifs effectuent de manière concurrente un geste de salut.

Suite à la détection d'un événement, chaque dispositif peut choisir aucun ou plusieurs objets d'information ou objets de données à envoyer à l'autre, la sélection se faisant en fonction d'informations contextuelles disponibles pour le dispositif effectuant la sélection.

However, location updates will only be received when the location of the phone actually changes, and use of the specified time interval is not guaranteed.

For example, if 1000 is used as the time interval, location updates will never be fired sooner than 1000ms, but they may be fired anytime after. For now this component supports the reading and writing of text tags only (if supported by the device)In order to read and write text tags, the component must have its A Component that acts like a Pedometer.

lets you determine how far away an object is from a device.

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