Precaution before updating bios Hotsexchat com


This step is very important because after the BIOS flash some or all of the settings will be gone and you will have to reconfigure it manually.

Tip: If you have a digital camera, use it to take pictures of each BIOS screen.

It’s a lot quicker than writing down each setting by hand.

If your computer refuses to boot and displays a CMOS Checksum Error, chances are high that the issue is linked to the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System).

It is important that you understand what command to run to perform a proper BIOS flash.

In this example I decided to use the following command after reading the manual: AWDFLASH BE6_TH. BIN /SY /CD /CP /CC Here’s what this command does in this case: The reason I am clearing all the existing data is because I want to start with a nice clean slate and verify or configure all BIOS settings after the flash.

Be sure to reboot with the disk at least once before the flash process to confirm the disk works properly. Before you go any further, make sure you read the manual, specifically the instructions for BIOS flashing.

It will explain how to use the flash utility and all the command line switches it uses.

We have a comprehensive article on how to identify your motherboard in our how-to section, follow this link to find the identify motherboard article.

Please use a good quality new floppy disk to minimize the risk of the BIOS flash failing due to corrupted files on the floppy.

Note: Yes, there are now programs that supposedly allow flashing certain BIOS’s from Windows.

It also covers information on identifying your BIOS.

While there are a lot of motherboard manufacturers, there are two main BIOS companies out there: AMI (American Megatrends) and Award. Both BIOS types display the BIOS identifier number on the main BIOS screen you see when you start the computer.

You protect yourself against the incorrect BIN file by carefully double-checking your work, making sure you correctly identified your motherboard and BIOS, and downloaded the appropriate BIOS update file.

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