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The Ghana Ministry of Information’s role is to educate people about government policies and infrastructural development.

Minister of Information Zita Okaikoi said that the national media in Ghana is sharply divided between government and opposition.

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These young people know what other young people around the world have, and they want it too.

The cyber scam is the Sakawa boys newest innovation.

Their past schemes used the Ghana Post Company to similar effect.

Yet the Sakawa cyber scam perfectly demonstrates the problems of development and modernization in Ghana: new technology is flooding in, but the government and the private sector lack the infrastructure to support it.

The scam was discussed at the summer 2009 conference for Technology, Entertainment, Design.] Though their activities are illegal, the Sakawa boys were cited as examples of young Ghanaians tapping into the global networking potential of Ghana’s developing information communication technology sector. Amos Anyimadu, a leading political scientist here, said there are two digital demographics in Ghana, split between “digital natives” and “digital immigrants.” “Digital natives,” he said, like the Sakawa boys, are the new, typically younger generation of people who have grown up using technology and to whom the digital media comes to naturally.

Some of these criminals have advanced cyberskills and now operate online, dating theft rings.

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