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I'm not sure what it is about Millennials, but we sometimes seem almost offended when a complete stranger talks to us.I'm about to blow your mind right now: Did you know that when a stranger talks to you, 99 percent of the time, he or she is harmless and just interested in your response? It could be as simple as commenting on an item the good-looking stranger is eyeing in the grocery aisle. Remember when we used to send those dorky notes to our crushes at school? Pick yes, no or maybe.”We would create boxes for our objects of affection to check off accordingly.In high school, when you liked someone, you asked him or her out in a simple way. This is the world in which we no longer have to sift through an endless catalog of options. The dating world is real, and it's right in front of you every single day. The long-lost ‘history’ of prehistoric Britain, including our island’s first wars, is being re-discovered - courtesy of innovations in computer programming as well as archaeology.We can't just turn around and walk away from someone whose heart we're breaking.

When we went to our lockers between periods, we would engage the people we saw along the way.We've grown accustomed to not facing rejection square in the eyes, leaving us with the power to conceal our emotions.We've grown accustomed to disappearing off the face of another person's earth, simply by ghosting reality and running from communication.We actually saw faces at eye level, instead of the ones we're staring down into on our phones.Look up, and start noticing what's right in front of you every single day.I now not only look up, but I also look strangers right in the eye as I pass them.

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