Mvc form not validating


These templates can be applied automatically every time you want to display (or edit) a specific data type or Model, using the Html. MVC has built-in templates for standard data types such as strings, but it is possible to override these and add templates for custom types.

Internally however, something else has happened because now the server has rendered the error.

Validation rules are defined by setting attributes on the fields of a Model class, like this: using System; using System.

Before we accept any values posted by a user, we have to do server-side validation.

There’s nothing wrong with MVC as such in here, as it is meant to be CSS framework agnostic, meaning you should be able to use it with any CSS framework.

To get a better understanding of the problem, have a look at this HTML that’s generated by MVC on postback.

Reusable controls in MVC can be created as a Partial View.

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