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In a 2008 interview, Tony Kushner said that the idea to entwine Mormonism into the plot of "Angels in America" started when he saw some young, ignored Mormon missionaries near his home in Brooklyn: "There were these Mormon missionaries that I used to see at my subway stop, in Carroll Gardens, around 1983. They were always there in the morning, in front of a bunch of people who could have cared less about the Book of Mormon.And I was kind of touched by that." See more ยป Angels in America is an incredible example on how to adapt a play for the screen.Mormon has the distinction of being the first pro-truth website that has been reviewed by the apologetic organization known as FAIR.They did this in 2009 and MT responded then and now again in 2012 which we respond to below.They have since added critiques for other sites such as Richard Packham and the Tanner's Utah Lighthouse Ministry.First, before we let the critics and others that contributed to MT go on the defense, please see this recent well-done video about Mormon apologist's tactics, especially by Scott Gordon, president of FAIR.Gordon presents two lists of references that he claims proves the church is being open and honest about Joseph Smith's polygamy and the translation method of the Book of Mormon.

Joe Pitt, an attorney who is Mormon and Republican, is pushed by right-wing fixer Roy Cohn toward a job at the Justice Department.Both Pitt and Cohn are in the closet: Pitt out of shame and religious turmoil, Cohn to preserve his power and access.Pitt's wife Harper is strung out on Valium, aching to escape a sexless marriage. Pitt's mother and Belize, a close friend, help Prior choose.But FAIR prefers to use comments which may or may not have even been made by former contributors as if that would somehow explain all the problems raised by the critics.MT takes the high road and doesn't use the numerous snarky comments made by FAIR contributors on various, Internet message boards.Tactics of a Mormon Apologist This excellent 18 minute video by Flacker Man analyzes methods used by typical Mormon apologists who try to devalue claims made by those questioning the LDS religion or expressing doubts.

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