Moral argument against interracial dating


But it can justify a person’s refusal to accept a same-sex relationship as a marriage. Stern points to Ian Millhiser’s useful summary of religious arguments that were once made against interracial marriage.

They include: “Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents.

In June of 1958, a white man and a half African-American and half American-Indian woman, both native citizens of Virginia, wed in South America.

Not long after the marriage the couple returned back to the state of Virginia where they decided to establish a happy family.

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For the most part relationships between people of different races are no different from the interactions between people of the same race (Duru, 2012)....[tags: Harper Lee's story analysis] - In the modern world today, there are still people that are bigots who view interracial relationships and marriage as undesirable.However, the view is contentious given that the law that allows interracial relationships and marriages was enacted in 1960.Therefore society’s views have changed about interracial relationships.Their changing views are evident because once the African Americans become accepted into society, that means that interracial relationships are not far behind....readers have made that argument in comments posted over the last few days.

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