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I guess the word would be confused more than anything else.If you go to sleep and you wake up and you see something for the first time, it’s a little scary, you know. The reality is that I have to play my position as their mom and do what it is that’s best for me.” Despite the relationship’s ending, Monica said the two remain on good terms and that their journey together has been mostly positive.

Of course I broke the news of the new couple first on, but as usual, you kids have no confidence in your auntie when I tell you something!So I’m not upset about it in any way.” Prior to the announcement, rumors floated that Rocko had been cheating on the singer, 29, who said she was aware of all the hearsay and felt confused with what was happening.“It was a situation I didn’t ask to be in, so to speak.Who will she walk down the aisle with, her old love or new love?Vote for which ending you’d like to see by visiting her official website.But what do you think about Rocko as a new cast member?

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