Memory consolidation or updating consolidation


All of these hypotheses are, in principle, testable.

With the advent of more sophisticated brain and behavioral assessment methods, some earlier hypotheses in this research program have been confirmed (Baars, 2002).

Further, in many cognitive studies, consciousness is either taken for granted or labeled with its own set of synonyms such as .

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GW Theory proposes a single underlying kind of information processing for conscious events, as implemented in the IDA model. As a result, many of our hypotheses, while testable in principle, seem difficult to test at the present time. Improved recording methods are emerging rapidly in cognitive neuroscience. We expect further improvements to make our current hypotheses testable as well. The IDA/GW model has unusual breadth, encompassing perception, working memory, declarative memory, attention, decision-making, procedural learning and more. How can such a broad model produce anything useful? Second, it does not predict numerical data from experiments, but rather, is implemented as a software agent, IDA, that performs a real-world personnel task for the US Navy.

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