Maria cantwell dating

Congress is in recess, we, the citizens, want to meet to discuss what our Senators are and should be doing to resist this march backwards.

We will learn from informed speakers sharing their personal experiences, followed by moderated community/citizen discussion and input.

Last fall, the project was awarded a million federal grant thanks to the advocacy of Senator Cantwell.Cantwell’s first town hall this year follows months of pressure from Seattle Indivisible, a politically liberal group opposed to many aspects of Donald Trump’s presidency.“For the past 5 months, Seattle Indivisible has been persistently calling on Senator Maria Cantwell to schedule open, public Town Hall meetings so that her constituents can directly hear from her and ask her questions,” Seattle Indivisible said in a release.Committees are listed in descending order based on Cantwell's seniority within each one.Select a committee to learn more about who sits on it and which legislation it has considered in the current Congress.Senators [Patty] Murray and [Maria] Cantwell have been invited but have not yet confirmed attendance.

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