Main file updating failed operation canceled

When F5 is executed without previously assigning Administrator User Name Property, Administrator User Password Property, Connection User Name Property, Connection User Password Property, then the error mentioned will occur.Detailed error: error: Cannot connect with GAM repository with the given Administrator or Connection user.error: GAM(): Repository password failed for user testreg1.testreg1.error: Operation Canceled by the user Run Developer Menu Failed Detailed error: error: Cannot connect with GAM repository with the given Administrator or Connection user. error: GAM(): Repository connection failed for user testreg1.testreg.Also, in NET models, Compiler Flags must be set with value /r:bin\Artech. Cause: the is not in accordance with the Repository Connections.Specifically, there is a difference in the connection password for the user.Probably, one of the following is happening: Go to How to debug errors when using Authentication Type through external web services and the GAM.

(Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E) Current GAM version: Retrieve GAM Version From Database Success Cause: GAM processes executing in the Gene Xus IDE use csharp and ADO Net to connect to the GAM’s DB (detect GAM version in the DB, record applications, generate permits).

Failed Cause: The password of administrator user shown in the Administrator User Name Property has expired.

We must go through the GAM Web Backoffice to change the password and then assign that value to the Administrator User Password Property.

This is why the ADO Net client corresponding to the DBMS used is required; for the case of Mysql download it from here. A failure upon verifying the Repository Connection. The information on the does not match the information on the GAM’s Repository table.

You need to install the driver for 32 bits because the processes inside GX IDE use 32 bits, so the 32bit has to be copied to the c:\windows\syswow64 folder. Solution: Must be enabled GAM in the model when consolidating objects that refer to the GAM’s external objects. The file is not correct according to the connections defined in that repository. Verify that the located in the application’s directory is the right one.

Integrated Security Initialization Failed error: Build cancelled.

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