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This example incorporates common spamming keywords (some taken from Meta-Wiki's Spam Blacklist) and also techniques for blocking CSS hidden spam. Experiment with the $wg Spam Regex setting, and test out some edits on your Sand Box page, to see what gets blocked. The above example shows a regular expression being built up over several lines, using PHP's dot syntax to concatenate strings.


This problem can be overcome in many cases by including the "\b" word boundary pattern before and after any words that might be contained in a larger word, eg: Regular expressions are very powerful.

He moved down to London in the mid 90s and enjoyed being part of the start of the new cocktail revolution which was taking place and from there went on to open bars in Brighton and the French Alps.

Fabrice decided to move back up north in the early noughties and owned and operated some of South Yorkshire's most awarded gastropubs before deciding to sell in 2007.

It will not block all spam, but it can reduce spam dramatically, with almost no negative impact upon legitimate users.

$wg Spam Regex's configuration settings will control how mediawiki examines the text of contributions and determines if the contributions are spam or not.

Any text added to a wiki page matching this regular expression (or "regex") will be recognized as Wiki spam and the edit will be blocked.

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