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Brandy has been in some pictures with Val Midwest in the past but this is her very first update all to herself.Brandy has been with the company for about 5 years now doing bachelor parties and dancing at our clubs but it wasnt until recently she decided to really get into this world.It means, ONE subscription gives you access to ALL Adult Empire sites (1485 sites in 40 niches & constantly growing).Plus access to adult DVD zone (281 dvds), online casino, live chat, dating service, adult flash games much more!

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I needed something fun, exciting and crazy just like me!You can see her perform live at PARADISE CITY every weekend right now and on snapchat!We just set up a LIVE WEBCAM PAGE for Paradise City Gentlemans Club!Now you can see what happens in the dressing room at a strip club all night long. The things these girls do and say back there is absolutely wild...So we just started a snap chat account for our new strip club and we would love if all of you added us!Now I get my chance to express myself and say KISS MY ASS!!!

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