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These resolutions “have weakened workplace safety, especially in some of our country’s most dangerous work sectors, such as meatpacking, construction and agriculture, where Latino and immigrant workers are numerous,” the Democratic senators wrote in their letter to Acosta.They also asked Acosta to consider how Trump’s proposed budget cut of .5 billion from the Labor Department would affect occupational safety. Learn more at and subscribe to the Reveal podcast, produced with PRX, at

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The aggressor targeting her is revealed to be a sadistic cop with a "hero homicide complex", putting people in danger in order to save them for his own glory.In the episode "Lucky", Garcia was shot by a man she had just gone on a date with, but she survived the gunshot and later recovered.In the episode "Penelope", Garcia is rushed to the hospital after the gunshot.Credit: Elise Amendola/Associated Press From meatpacking to agricultural fields, Latino immigrants often work the most menial jobs in America and their on-the-job death rate is 18 percent higher than the average worker, recent statistics show.Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta to outline how his agency will reduce Latino and immigrant workplace deaths and injuries in light of rollbacks to workplace protections and proposed budget cuts under President Donald Trump.“For Latinos, who are already statistically more likely to die while at work, these rollbacks and proposed budget cuts, paired with language barriers and reasons workers or employers may not want to report incidents, will surely lead to an increase in workplace deaths,” Menendez said in an email.First-generation immigrants comprised the majority of those deaths, the report noted.

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