Is stephen moyer still dating sookie


"We had read the books," she says of the series' graphic content."We knew what we were getting into." And obviously, she has no regrets."She's made such a total transformation," adds Ball, though Anna says she still doesn't like a sex symbol."To me, what's appealing about Sookie is that she's quite ordinary," she says. The fact that I'm not some 5-foot-11-inch Amazon goddess makes me more easy to relate to." Playing Sookie may also have led Anna to some personal epiphanies--she declared she was bisexual in a public-service campaign called "Give a Damn" before tying the knot with Moyer."I'm a pretty straightforward person," she says, when asked if she's always been so outspoken.

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(Anna only watched the 1993 film for the first time a few years ago. "Did I really need to see Holly [Hunter] doing it with Harvey Keitel?Who would have thunk a fang-banger (the show's term for people who lust after vampires) who's had sex in a graveyard would hit such a nerve with perfectly normal women across America?In many ways, casting the introverted Anna in the role of a hot-blooded ingenue was a stroke of genius, though she may have been the last to realize it.Um, I could have lived without that.") After her odds-defying start, the Canadian-born, New Zealand--raised teachers' daughter moved from set to set with her family.But always being the new girl at school took a toll. "I found it paralyzing to talk to new people." Instead of going for teen fare, she chose parts in edgy movies like films, which established her as a sci-fi heartthrob."We feel completely comfortable together," she says matter-of-factly. They're all very gentlemanly about it." We're not sure we'd call the sex on the show --in one scene, Moyer's character, Bill, has his way with his "maker," Lorena, while twisting her head 180 degrees.

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