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Why are Chinese actors considering support for Inga 3 even if the project violates basic Chinese and international standards?Will geopolitical interests – and particularly China’s mining interests in the DRC – trump financial and environmental responsibility?Such a move would violate the constitution, and Kabila will need to bribe a lot of politicians to make it possible.Signing multi-billion dollar contracts with the developers of Inga 3 would certainly help him to oil his relations with the country’s power brokers.Bruno Kapandji, the head of the Grand Inga Project Office, has made it clear that he hopes to award the Inga 3 contract to a Chinese consortium, and to build the project with Chinese funding.In early May he said that the Chinese companies could complete the project in a “maximum of five years and if they’re free to do whatever they want to do they can even do it in four years.”The Chinese government has instructed its dam builders not to build any overseas projects without environmental impact assessments.

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The DRC government says that Inga 3 is under time pressure because the contract with South Africa, the main purchaser of the project’s electricity, will expire in 2021.

The South African government may not be prepared to renew the contract after President Zuma, who promoted Inga 3 against considerable opposition, steps down in 2019.

More than two years after the approval of the World Bank and Af DB grants, the social and environmental impact assessments for Inga 3 have still not begun.

Yet in early May, Bruno Kapandji, the head of the Grand Inga Project Office, announced that the DRC government would select developers for the mega-dam within three months, and that construction would start by June 2017.

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