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Even after finding out that “Christine” was really a 31-year-old man named John, this only shook her for a few hours before continuing communication with him.

After all, he had been a good friend to her, hadn’t he? He too was thoughtful, gentle, courteous, and respectful.

And over the next several days Tyree would rape her, beat her, and share images of his new sex slave to his buddies over the Internet.

It has been 10 years since Tyree abducted Alicia outside her home on New Year’s Day, 2002.

Before leaving for work at Computer Associates International, Tyree looked into her eyes and said, “Alicia, I’m beginning to like you too much.

Tonight we’re going to go for a ride.” Alicia believed this would be the last day of her life. The night of her abduction, shortly after arriving home, Tyree posted an instant message to an online friend in Tampa, Florida: “I got one.” He then posted a picture of Alicia using his webcam.

Upon Werner's release, he's to be supervised for five more years. In pleading, Werner said that on April 15, he met a 14-year-old girl in an online chatroom devoted to master-slave relationships.

Werner to 130 months -- or 10.8 years -- in prison. Morris and pleaded guilty to one count of interstate transportation of a minor to engage in criminal sexual activity.

The teen eventually used the device to communicate with others and relay her situation.

"The purpose of you coming and getting her is that you wanted to have sex with her, is that true? Werner picked her up and drove through the night to his home.

Werner told investigators he and the girl slept together in his bed, clothed and under the covers.

His sweaty hand squeezed her hand tightly as they made the five-hour drive to his home, saying things like, “Shut up. The trunk’s cleaned out for you.” Terrified, 13-year-old Alicia Kozakiewicz wondered how she might escape or if she would live to see her family again.

Finally, late that night, Scott Tyree arrived with his captive at his home in Herndon, Virginia. There she could see sadistic devices hanging on the wall.

Werner stated the girl was inside and gave police permission to get her, according to court files.

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