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"I put I am looking for friends this does not mean friends with benefits, you dumbasses.

so, don't be a cat, dumbass or A-hole ;) I've had friends describe POF as the "trailer park and bottom of the barrel" of dating sites.... Here is another one (Miss_Piggy_Peahead) I mean you want to talk about delusional lol!

and she's single and I am supposed to feel sorry for her?

She was previously married so that's a strike against her. Sure I may have mental handicap but guess what I have a 165 IQ.

It is a scam website, apparently if you aren't a pig or scam they kick you off?

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But guess what it's very important to look at the site as a whole.

And that definitely makes me smarter than 99.9% of the people on there. So here are the Pro's and Con's of, Plenty of Fish Pro: It's free sort of you get what you don't pay for.

Cons: Pretty Much Everything The women are deluded nasty females. That is a major "red flag" You can't "delete" your profile.

But otherwise, you'll struggle to find a site as consistent. I made my profile very funny, and the pictures I posted are high quality(I am a photographer) I have chatted, and talked on the phone with about forty pof women. The first blocked me three hours after the date; On the other date the woman got up from her chair and check the back of my neck to see if neck hair was trimmed.

(She actually grabbed my socks to check their color), scrutinized my teeth like she was buying a horse.

A related feature that was eliminated was the option to contact clients of age differences greater than "Markus," presumably Frind, found tasteful.

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