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I have solved the problem of back surgery (sort of). My dd will be going to work in December through March, and I know i would definitely need her, so problem solved, for now. My dd and dh will be going to his dd's house, and I am invited.....

But there are four LIVELY youngsters and the parents......well, let's just say they don't seem to believe in discipline so would be very loud and disruptive and I am not sure. First I must get a tooth filled this Friday, and my sis has two invites to work around., plus our dr. Whoever thought that two retired people would have such a time working a visit out???

She will tell the children one or two stories about Katie or the other people who live alongside her on the island.

Granny will then look at the work sent and ask questions about the differences between the her and the children’s location, allowing children to talk about what they have found.

I don't think he ever used anything I bought him, so I decided to just get these items and give him the receipt along with them and he can just return them.

He has good taste, but even my dd can't buy for him.

Details The virtual visit will last between 30 and 40 minutes, depending on the amount of participation you would like your pupils to have.

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I recently acquired 'Cali' who was found wandering in CA and placed in a high kill shelter.Prior to the session Discuss your school’s locality with the children, pick out some of the key features either physical: hills, vegetation or rivers etc or human:houses, shops and roads for example.Draw these features on a hand drawn map (can be individual A4 or a larger class map)- this can be scanned and emailed to Grannie prior to the session for inclusion and discussion.Yorkshire VC will support any schools new to the technology and will run test calls prior to the session.All you will need is a computer (teacher laptop) with a webcam connected to the whiteboard and internet.Mairi Hedderwick books Katie Morag and talk about the goings on, on the fictional Scottish Island of Struay.

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