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", and I would vow to myself to never ever ever do this or do him again. A few months ago, in the silent period of one our cycles, I was watching the movie Wild. This was her ex-husband - there were VOWS in place at one point. It was in this moment - this exact moment - that I noticed I was wearing my college-era boyfriend's t-shirt to bed (and further realized I had been doing so since 1999.) And then I noticed other things. As I sat watching the last of the water go, I imagined all of it going way. There's more to this story than that, but out of respect for the truly innocent, I'll stop here. You can say the affirmation by Gabby Bernstein "When things aren't working out the way I planned, I trust that there is a better plan" or you can simply recite the prayer "Thy Will be done" - in effect asking to be an instrument in the plan, and NOT playing God.2. I like ritual, because it gives me a sense of doing something and bringing closure.

We would sink to a new low, exchange some hateful verbal vomit, I would die a small death, suffer a small depression, come to some amount of forced peace within 24 hours and feel terrible for the hateful verbal vomit, text an apology for the hateful verbal vomit, wish him a beautiful life and "love and light, ! I scrubbed every inch of me, as if the layers of skin were somehow carrying layers of my past relationships. And then I pulled the drain on the tub and I let every last bit of everything swirl down the drain. As if their energy were now leaving my orb, and going back to the earth. And then I put on fancy underwear, some Alicia Keyes, and I blew out my hair. Some hours later that Friday, after that bath, the one man I care about, the one who's been on the periphery the entire time, the one who is kind and calm and patient and empathic, called me out of the blue. Instead of praying for what you think you need, pray for the best possible outcome, and pray for the clarity to see the best outcome.

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For over a year, I've been enmeshed in what I'd call a really long tortuous break-up from a relationship that never existed. We met, we swooned, we fucked, we fought, we ended. You can close the ceremony by chanting "Kali Durge Namo Namah" which calls on the deities Kali and Durga, who are goddesses known to protect you from evil and to help to powerfully remove and cut through what is no longer serving you.

It's a GENTLE practice almost anyone can do to release stuck energy.Then rinse off, pull the plug, and watch the water drain from the tub, imagining that all the energy from the relationship is rinsing down the drain along with it. The clear distinction is this - you are processing if you are letting what needs to move through you naturally move through you. You can simply repeat "I welcome infinite possibilities" as your mantra for the days following. It may not look like what you expect it to, but I promise it's there.You are attaching if you are creating MORE stuff to process. As mentioned above, I also called on some other help.A polygamous marriage with Labour and Greens might be fun and exciting at first, but three’s a crowd.A three-way marriage between a woman and two men who hate each other is less polygamy and more sitcom.THIS ITEM, EVEN IF IT'S EXPENSIVE, ESPECIALLY IF IT'S "SENTIMENTAL"), all memories or keepsakes like cards, letters, pictures, and all digital items (their information in your phone, email threads, text threads, pictures of them or the two of you together.) can offer up the relationship to the Universe, simply asking that it be used for the highest good, and simply pray for a peaceful closure. Let that be your final wish for this person…for they are merely a reflection of your own experience. See yourself moving forward, the space cleared, happy, and full of love. also comes from Tosha Silver and for me, this was the final piece and the most important.

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