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Why does everything have to be about the logic of the situation?

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So before you start plotting out a method of revenge there are a few things you should consider.In Part 1 – I laid out all my personal struggles with my husband traveling…the loneliness, the hardships of having to manage the children and emergencies alone, the fears and exhaustion and even the underlying bitterness from seeing other couples together while we were apart. I had no idea there were so many of us out there experiencing the SAME thing.I mentioned that I “felt” like a single mom…but I’m NOT.Once a man begins to feel comfortable talking about his emotions, he will need time to fully develop his ability to express things of a subtle emotional nature. I’ve received a lot of queries lately from people asking how they can get revenge against their Narcissist that left them.In addition to that, boys are often discouraged from expressing some of their emotions. Mothers often do or say things that subtly send the message to a boy that crying does not suit him well.

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