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Live was also the first such service that provided an outstanding, around-the-clock online support service.In a relatively short period of time, Live quickly rose to join the ranks of the most visited websites in the world and they became market-leaders in the development of live online adult video-chat entertainment.Streaming straight into the future In 2003, the number of visitors quickly grew from a few hundred to a few thousand and soon their numbers reached hundreds of thousands.Live is now also available for smart TVs and mobile devices, including both IOS and Android.The ultimate goal is to make the dreams of futuristic high-tech communication a reality of today.Just in time to treat yourself to a little something for Valentine’s Day. Live chat customer service, in case you have questions. We love their chosen-with-care collection of toys and gadgets, but we’re more fascinated by their secret concierge service. Coco de Mer They say Coco de Mer is for lovers, adventurers, and dreamers. dollar prices (there’s a toggle in the upper left corner of their website).

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