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(with the pain of loss, the pain of his childhood, and the pain of withstanding numerous forms of anguish and torment.Flanders turns the image of God from the table beside his bed... although he finds himself rushing to church and asking for forgiveness in the morning.even under the worst circumstances, Flanders doesn't lose hope...and this makes this episode a rising and plummeting powerhouse of emotion, which solidifies it as a morally challenging and complex collision of struggle and healing...

God works in mysterious ways, and this episode portrays this to a powerful end...In the episode where Flanders is attracted to a Christian singer, Flanders says that the left side of the bed is where Maude slept and does not wish for her indentation in the sheets to be disturbed.In other episodes, Flanders states that he and Maude sleep in different beds.Following the tenth season's release on DVD, the episode received mostly positive reviews from critics.Amber and Ginger have appeared in later episodes in the series, the first time being the season 13 episode "Brawl in the Family", which serves as a continuation of "Viva Ned Flanders". Burns' Casino is about to get demolished, however, a confusion over whether demolitions are supposed to involve implosions or explosions results in the casino being blasted into a huge dust cloud.He asks for help from his neighbor, Homer Simpson, who takes Ned to Las Vegas to show him "the right way to live". The revelation of Ned's age was heavily debated between the Simpsons staff, and the decision to make him 60 years old could have been inspired from a joke by Simpsons writer Ron Hauge.

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